A Peek into the Lives of this Year’s PRPLI Award Honorees – Rising Star, Kevin Wilkinson

In a little over a month, we will be at the Westbury Manor attending the 29th Annual PRPLI Awards Dinner.

Leading up to the Awards Dinner, we’ll be highlighting each of our honorees and asking them questions so we can get to know them better.

First up is our Rising Star Honoree, Kevin Wilkinson, Associate Account Executive at Zimmerman/Edelson.

So Kevin, tell us a little bit about your transition from college life to your first job in the communications field.

It was a bit of a rough transition at first. I graduated in May 2015 from American University and spent a few extra months down in Washington D.C. working part-time and applying to jobs both in D.C. and up in New York. From there, I moved home, worked at a restaurant and continued the slow slog of applying and interviewing for a full-time position.

At long last, Zimmerman/Edelson, Inc. popped up and I sent my resume along, went in for a few interviews and for whatever reason they decided to hire me! Looking back I am thankful for the few months of struggling to secure a job. It gave me the time to put some real work into my resume, cover letters and gaining interview experience with recruiters and communications professionals.

Zimm/Ed has provided me with opportunities to learn and grow, that is often not found at ones “first job.”  I’m grateful to have ended up where I have. 

I guess that old mantra is true, the need to be persistent. But, if you had the ability to go back in time, what career advice would you give yourself at 18? 

Take advantage of business development courses in college. Looking back there’s definitely different steps I could have taken to better prepare for a post-college career. As a political science and public communications major, I was concentrated on fulfilling course requirements and adding in electives that on paper met both departments’ course approval lists.

Instead, I’d tell my 18-year-old self to work with my advisor to add in a management course, a business course, a finance course, etc.—which all end up being relevant to ones career in whatever field you end up in but aren’t often found in a communications curriculum.

What one thing would surprise your friends and co-workers to learn about you?

I used to enjoy running competitively. Cross country in high school, half-marathon, 5 and 10 Ks on the weekends.

Nowadays, though, a half-mile is a much better representation of my running abilities than running a half marathon. 

Thanks Kevin.  We look forward to meeting and congratulating you in person on May 8th.

Stay tuned for a peek into the life of our next honoree in our next blog.


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