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Newsletter Fall 2016 – Action / Reaction – Falling From Mount Olympus

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By Greg Demetriou Hosting the Olympics, although noteworthy and spectacular in and of itself, presented some significant public relations challenges for Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Bad coverage started even before the games began. There were reports of severely polluted waters, inferior housing for the athletes, and then the pool water turned green and smelled like “farts,” [...]

Newsletter – Fall 2016 – Adapting PR Strategies for Different Global Markets

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Rockville Centre resident and Hofstra professor Kara Alaimo has written a book titled Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication that was published by Routledge in August. The book offers a modern guide on practicing public relations and strategic communication around the globe. Drawing upon interviews with public [...]

Newsletter Fall 2016 – Social Media Trends – Live Streaming: What Is It and How Can We Use It

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By Cassandra Rowan In today’s world of constantly evolving technology, it’s no surprise that social media companies are working to one-up each other to stay relevant. A common trend across most platforms is the development of live streaming video. What is live streaming? Video live streaming is broadcasting video in real time. No editing. No re-do. You simply choose [...]

Newsletter Summer 2016 – He Said, She Said

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Media That’s Truly Social . . . I like this organization’s website redesign. It’s welcoming, and it gives each of us an opportunity to write something about ourselves, and as a result, to learn more about each other. Very often the only impression we have of our peers is the face that is presented in [...]

Newsletter Summer 2016 – Upgrade to Online Fundraising

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By Williams Ekinam Software like idealware ( which offers comprehensive resources and guides. Second, select a fundraising software that offers many of the functionalities that will maximize your success, such as custom-branded buttons like “Donate” and “Thank you,” as well as recurring donations capabilities, among others. Heather Mansfield, a nonprofit researcher and publisher, in her [...]