Ethical behavior is essential to the professional practice of public relations. As professionals, we are obligated to conduct ourselves in a manner that recognizes our commitment to truthfulness, accuracy and accountability to the publics we serve.

Since adherence to ethical standards fosters trust, respect and credibility for our profession, Public Relations Professionals of Long Island endorses this Code of Ethics as a guide for our members and all those engaged in our field.

As public relations professionals, we should:

  • Engage in honest business practices, provide objective counsel and maintain integrity.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest or the perception of same and promptly disclose any existing or potential conflict – either personal or professional – to those affected.
  • Seek to be models of professional, ethical behavior for all our constituencies and promote the same in others by providing counsel in ethical decision making.
  • Be accountable for our actions.
  • Be honest, accurate and truthful in all communications. Avoid deceptive practices and act swiftly to correct any misleading, false or erroneous information for which we may be responsible.
  • Protect and respect the privacy rights of current and former clients and employers by safeguarding confidential information and not misusing privileged, proprietary or insider information, while complying with any and all legal disclosure requirements.
  • Refrain from seeking to inappropriately influence others through behavior such as the giving of gifts or favors.
  • Always act in the best interest of those we represent, while being mindful of the public interest.
  • Be candid with current and potential clients and/or employers in providing an accurate and complete picture of what public relations efforts can accomplish. Refrain from guaranteeing results that are beyond our control.
  • Keep informed about issues and practices that may influence our reputations and that of the public relations profession.
  • Decline to engage in activities that are contrary to this code of ethics.

To view a copy of PRPLI’s Bylaws, please click here.