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Winter 2016: Can Combining PR and Marketing Help Meet your Goals?

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For many years, companies have kept their marketing and public relations offices separate, finding it beneficial to allow for these efforts to work apart rather than together. In recent years, more companies are opting to combine these offices and have them work collaboratively to meet the company’s needs.

Winter 2016: PRPLI Spotlight On: Kevin Rooney

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Oil Heat Institute of Long Island CEO Kevin Rooney joined PRPLI at its very beginning thanks to his friend Jeff Morosoff, one of PRPLI’s founding members. While not actively involved in the organization, Rooney has continued his membership to support PRPLI because “it’s a good organization which helps and promotes younger people getting into the business.”

Winter 2016: He Said, She Said

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There are times in our lives that stand out more than others such as times of great loss. When you think about those times, you probably can recall the weather that day, what you ate or couldn’t eat, and what you wore. When our heart breaks open, our senses can be felt more deeply. It’s because life, for us, ceases to be as it was, and we pay more attention to the details.

Winter 2016: From The Reporter’s Side

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“I’m a news person at heart,” says Mona Rivera, reporter for 1010 WINS Radio. Prior to starting at the station in March 2001, Rivera’s reporting career included stints as news director of WQXR, the radio station of The New York Times; national network anchor for the CBS Radio network; and street reporter/anchor for WNEW-AM & FM Radio.

Winter 2016: With Nonprofits: It’s Communicate or Die

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“Differentiate or die” is a common slogan used in marketing communications to pinpoint what makes a product or service more valuable than another. Differentiation makes the product or service stand out from the rest and gives reason to why the customer should switch preferences.